New branding campaign of Shoppers Stop to have a warm welcome


Customers are excited with Shoppers Stop’s whole new brand campaign for Eid. Shopper Stop conjointly used this chance to wish their followers and users Eid Hosni Mubarak in a completely different means through social media. It helps brands build up cultural relevance this year too.

The lockdown period due to the rising incidence of Covid-19 infections had made folk stay indoors in the festival seasons. Shops, beauty salons, restaurants. are also closed in this quarantine time. Even supposing several families could not have a family get along in festivals due to the rising pandemic situation, mobiles and web connections had created it doable for brands and businesses to attach families, friends and others virtually.

To support this, shoppers Stop announced a new brand campaign for customers to dress up and celebrate Eid indoors. This cultural branding is a success with customers supporting actively through their participation. Whatever be the situation, Brands always find an opportunity to show their cultural relevance during festivals every year. And usually brands and businesses show their presence in Eid by participating in breaking the fast event and conducting other campaigns. But this time government also insisted people to stay indoors and not to go to mosque for prayers thus avoiding social gatherings. Along with that India’s leading Islamic seminary issued a fatwa insisting Muslims to offer their Eid prayers indoors in the same way Friday prayers are read at home.

So, the campaign was all regarding asking customers to get dressed up for the competition, post an image of their celebrations, tag Shoppers Stop and use #Selfieidi to win e-vouchers and discounts. This type of recreation act can carry on the spirit. Through Shoppers Stop app and website you can purchase products of your interest, click a #Selfieidi and tag the brand to get engaging gifts. Shoppers Stop will also announce the name and details of the contest winners through Social Media.

In addition to this campaign Shoppers Stop will also wish its users and followers Eid Mubarak in a unique way through social media. While the world takes a pause, the brands find their solutions for the rising human challenges by adapting to the changing scenarios and adopting fresh perspectives.


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