Nissan unveils its new electric car e-NV200 in Japan


Jun3 10, 2014: Nissan post the launch of its mass production electric passenger vehicle LEAF in 2010 has unveiled is second eco-friendly car e-NV200. The all new electric e-NV200 is a zero emission commercial van which comes with either five or seven seats option. Nissan would be selling this car initially in some European countries before its launch in Japan this October. E-NV200 can be fully recharged in eight hours and according to the company it would give 190 kilometers on a full charge. 80 per cent of the van’s battery can be charged in half an hour using a separate quick-charging system as well. Nissan e-NV 200 can also double as an onboard power source to an outside unit.

The new e-NV200 which would be available in European countries initially has been priced at USD 37,900 and the company revealed that the retail prices could be even lower after taking into account the government subsidies. The company is looking forward to sell initially 200 units month in Japan. Nissan has sold 1,15,000 units of LEAF since its launch in 2010 and it remains to be seen how would be the performance of e-NV200 especially when world over eco-friendly cars have seen disappointing sales.



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