Nokia’s Asha: The ‘asha’ for Nokia ?


Nokia is the very first name that strikes our mind, at times we think about a mobile phone. Such a popular brand is now struggling in global smart phone market to regain its market share. India’s no: 1 mobile manufacturer has slipped from its earlier No 3 ranking (in last quarter) to 7th position in global smart phone market!

The fall of Nokia in worldwide smart phone market has been arrested to a great extent by the launch of their new series of mobile phones ‘Asha’.  This series targeting low-cost mobile phone market has become one of best selling handsets in the country. Though this handset series has recorded a high sales volume, it has not helped Nokia’s to retain its position in global smart phone market.

According to a report by Gartner the worldwide use of sales of mobile phones had declined by 3% in third quarter and that of smart phones has increased by 47%. Apple, Samsung Electronics, and iPhone occupy the top most positions in Gartner’s market research report. Other competitors of Nokia in global market are Blackberry, Micromax and Karbonn. Even though there is high level of competition, then also, Nokia sold 6.5 million Asha devices during the last quarter of this fiscal, among which Nokia 305 records high sales volume. The latest version launched under Nokia series is Asha 205. This handset allows users to share any kind of data over Bluetooth, not necessarily with the help of internet data.

Nokia is striving to regain their position in global market. The expectations of the company to climb up the top position in global smart phone market vests with Asha. Touch device handsets from Asha offers a smart phone like experience with advanced and exciting features (like capable web browser and exchange email support). Asha now stands as a backbone for Nokia and in this way, Asha has now turned to become the ‘asha’ of Nokia.




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