Not Quite 3Ged?


3G services were launched in December 2008 and since then it has been marred by various issues and controversies. We take a look into how it is developing in India and what stopping it from developing.

The one offering that catches every ones’ eyes is the 3G service! India is slowly getting plugged into the 3G world.  Currently only 3% of the 950 Million + mobile subscribers are availing the 3G services , with Bharti topping the list with 7 Million subscribers or about 3 % of its subscriber base followed by Vodafone with about 4% of its subscriber base of about 150 Million – that’s about 6 Million 3G subscribers!

In addition to 3G availability, service providers have to come out with whole lot of features in their offerings like, video calling facilities, online gaming, watching movies, and online music and so on. At the same time even handset makers and OS developers look forward to provide the right platform to fully enjoy these high speeds.  The Apps market is now flooded with apps that function well only with a faster data speed. Now that pretty much gives an overview from the supplier’s side.

How about the subscribers – are they buying it? Many subscribers seem to stay away from 3G and continue to stick to the existing GPRS/Edge services. Some of the major reasons for staying away include-

Cost – Any premium service is always a costly affair. However telecom providers are slowly reducing their charges, Recently Vodafone reduced its 3G prices by 80%!

Compatible Handset – Here again, a cost involved – the minimum range for handsets supporting 3G is about Rs. 9-10,000.

Toll on Battery – Using 3G on your mobile generally tends to drain out your batteries much faster!

Availability – It gets annoying when you call up the call centre, especially while travelling complaining about the 3G not getting connected and the response you get from them – Sir, you may not be in a 3G serviceable area!

Telecom Providers are going all out to increase the service quality of 3G. And we would definitely look forward to its evolution! Are you’re on 3G, let us know!


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