Nuances of marketing control


Marketing control is the process in which the marketing plans of a company are made in such a way that the company can reach its original goals. This is done by establishing performance standards at every step. Corrosive action has to be undertaken in case they are not met. Marketing control can be achieved through market research, customer relations information and analysis of financial parameters like sales, cash flow etc. Marketing campaigns are designed by keeping the goals in mind first and following it up with plans to achieve those goals. The plans have to be revamped if it does not go in the direction of the goals at any point in the campaign. Research and focus groups are excellent tools to determine whether the marketing campaign is right on track. The corrective measures adopted in marketing control may be pricing changes, additional promotional initiatives or, in worst case scenarios, a total overhaul of the campaign.


Marketing control and its nuances have to be well understood to implement a successful marketing campaign. Read more about marketing control here.


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