Only Vimal launches ‘Be Unformal’ campaign with No Tie Day


August 27, 2013: ‘Be Unformal’ this is the new campaign of Only Vimal, the textile brand from Reliance Industries. Reliance which launched this campaign for Only Vimal has come out with a new anthem as well ‘No Tie Day’ in an attempt to makeover the brand ‘Only Vimal’ and to connect with the young Indian customers.

A high decibel campaign which was unleashed by Only Vimal, eight videos was released online urging people to discard ties and join the ‘Tie Burning Parties’. 23rd August was declared as ‘No Tie Day’ and people were asked to join Tie Burning Parties in nine cities on the same day. The ‘No Tie Day’ anthem which runs for more than 2 minutes is being aggressively promoted on all the mediums including radio and digital platforms.

Speaking about the campaign Manish Bhatt, Founder Director, Scarecrow Communications said, “We designed the campaign with the theme of ‘Be Unformal’, because it is an attitude that today’s young Indian trendsetter seeking change believes in.  It is a crusade against boring formal wear and introduces a new way of dressing up in the corporate world.”

The campaign which was handled by Scarecrow Communicatons, Convonix and Go Bananas basically used the Digital, Radio and Print medium to create a clutter. The creative was handled by Scarecrow, digital activation by Convonix and ground events was managed by Go Bananas.

Only Vimal has also come out with its own marketing micro site which would be used for all the ‘No Tie Day’ online activities. The company has also created a Facebook
App ‘Tie Obituary Contest’ for this campaign.


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