Organic food market to witness four-fold growth in three years


The increasing health consciousness as well as awareness about the injurious pesticides has almost quadrupled organic foods market size in India in the past three years. The organic foods that started with a very less number of shelves at the retail stores, but now it is a Rs 300 crore business in the country. The export market from the country is huge at Rs 700 crore, reveal the industry experts.

The consumers are choosing to eat healthy, and hence it is driving entrepreneurship in the organic food market. It is urging the retailers to provider more shelf space to the brands selling organic food stuff. As per the industry predictions, the organic food category is growing by around 50 percent annually.

These days, there are a lot of discussions about the bad effects that are caused by the chemicals and pesticides that are used in the food industry. The industry experts believe that this growth will result in the exponential growth of the organic food that is free from such harmful substances.

As per N Balasubramanian, the CEO of Sresta Natural Bioproducts, the marker was at just Rs 70 crore before three years. He stated that it is growing at a healthy rate on an annual basis. In the past five years, the organic foods market has grown largely increasing the shelf space three folds. However, the retailers have not realized the full potential of the market. He also stated that their brand 24 Mantra is the biggest organic food brand in India.

The firm is available in prime categories of organic foods such as brown rice, atta, tur dhal, honey, turmeric, breakfast cereals and juices.

The brand 24 Mantra that has its presence in over 125 cities across the country is in plans to extend to the ready to cook products as well. Some of the ready to cook products that it will introduce include pongal, millet dosa, khicidi and poha.


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