#OruTeaSollunga Campaign by TATA Tea Chakra Gold is ready to help tea shops Tamil Nadu


With the rise in the Covid-19 pandemic situation, people are forced to stay indoors which had affected the lives of Tea shoppers very badly. The tea shops which were always crowded with people and the most comfortable place for many people to get along had now became vacant. To cop up with this situation, Tamil Nadu’s popular tea brand TATA Tea Chakra Gold had decided to launch a campaign #OruTeaSollunga.

The main objective of this campaign is to raise funds for the selected Hot tea shops and relieve their stress. TATA Tea Chakra Gold will donate payments for more than 2 lakhs cup of tea and they call for people to donate payment equivalent for A CUP OF TEA digitally from their homes.

Puneet Das, Vice President of TATA Consumer products responded to this initiative telling that Tamil Nadu’s Tea Shops are one of the most favorite destinations for most of people for a tasty and refreshing cups of tea. But with the extended lockdown period tea shop owners are struggling to deal with their financial problems. This campaign provides people of Tamil Nadu who are still in love with small tea shops and gatherings held an opportunity to show their love and support by providing funds to solve tea shop owners’ issues. The campaign asks people only to pay the amount of a single cup of tea say Rs 10/ digitally. By the latest report, Tamil Nadu is one of the most affected areas of Covid-19. Thus, it had affected negatively the economic situation of the state, including tea shops which can be spotted in most of the streets.

People can enter the UPI [email protected] into any payment app and donate their payment. Many people were excited to give their donation for the campaign as pre-Covid-19 situation approximately 3,739 number of teacups were sold by tea shop owners. The initiative had already started by May 18,2020 and it will end soon by June 18, 2020. Users can get more information about the #OruTeaSollunga from the site https://oruteasollunga.bharatpe.com. Also, the campaign follows all the guidelines provided by local administration due to Covid-19.


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