Panorama: Lotame launches ‘data enrichment solutions’ for marketers, publishers and agencies


Now, buyers and sellers using digital media can use first, second, and third party data in creating and analyzing audience segments across its browsers and devices, powered by Lotame’s ID graph technology,- including cookies challenged environment.

Panorama, launched by Lotame, may be a “data enrichment solutions” which use first, second and third party data for creating and analyzing audience segments across cookie challenging environment including like, browsers, Over the top(OTT), and mobile apps.

Chief Revenue Officer, Lotame, Jason Downie, said first party data is taken into account as a valuable asset, but it doesn’t provide the marketers the dimensions they’re expecting. By bringing together customer’s online lives and offline lives has persistently causing dilemma among the industries which was made complicated with recent changes in browser. So as to resolve this, the corporate developed Panorama which helps in enabling the activities with a fuller view which is actionable, even in a very cookie challenged environment.

Panorama offers or provides various solutions for marketers, agencies together with publishers and other media companies.

The three data enrichment services unveiled by Lotame:

  • Panorama insights

A set of various and arranged data tools and analysis used for storytelling, segmenting, prospecting, and data modeling without the need of cookies. These tools mentioned helps in connecting user’s first party data to second party and third party data across the web site, OTT devices and mobile apps from over 250 online and offline data providers.

  • Panorama Buyer

This ensures buyers of media to not miss out on customers and prospects in case of cookie blocking. The data enrichment solution attributes and connects the behaviour across first, second and third party data which enables in creating audiences that are addressable in a very cookie challenging environment like Chrome, Firefox, etc. on all devices.

  • Panorama Seller

      This helps publishers to monetize their inventory across the websites, OTT platforms and  mobile apps through programmatic advertising or direct advertising.

Lotame has appointed Ruby Brenden as head of information products to drive Panorama insights forward.

Brenden mentioned that, “He has spent the last decade by helping marketing companies to launch innovative products. He describes Panorama as the exact solution needed by industry because the third party cookies have started fading. Panorama Insights gives marketers and agencies a single and trusted place to unveil relevant data base, addressable audience which successively means better advertising for consumers.”


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