Parle-G’s innovations targets next generation


Parle-G biscuits, ‘world’s largest selling biscuit brand’ are now close to the completion of glorious 75 years in the FMCG market. The brand is greatly accepted by Indians as a quintessential biscuit. But it’s relevance to the next generation is a question that raises concerns.

Targeting next generation, Parle G has come up with an exciting advertising campaign. The campaign built around the concept that every child is a genius as long as it stays curious has gained everyone’s attention. It conveys a message to parents, not to kill their child’s curiosity and allow them to explore and learn on their own.

Television, radio, Face Book and Twitter are the primary platforms for communicating this digital campaign to public. Face book and Twitter act as main traffic drivers to the website ‘TheFutureGenius’, which also has gained publicity.

Innovations on periodic basis are essential to keep every business moving, so is the case of Parle-G. Latest product from Parle G is ‘Parle-G Gold’ which is claimed to be nutritious and heavier than its former products. This kind of innovations is necessary to stay unique from competitors (in glucose biscuit market) like Britannia Tiger and ITC’s Sunfeast.

Parle G is ranked 7th in the most Trusted Brands Survey conducted last year. One of the reasons behind the popularity of this brand is its strong distribution network. It is distributed over 6 million retail stores in the country and is even available in villages with a population of 500.

Socio economic strategy and pricing strategy adopted by Parle-G made it a real winner in the clustered FMCG market. In Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities and in rural markets, the product is available in packets of Rs.1 to Rs.5.  In other cities, it is distributed in packets of Rs 10, Rs 20 and Rs 50. All these attributes along with the nutritional value of Parle-G biscuits (One pack gives 400 gm calories to a person) has made it the world’s No:1 selling biscuit.


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