Parle Kismi relaunch their 1963 logo, advises social distancing


Parle has relaunched the 1963 logo of their toffee brand Kismi to discuss social distancing amid COVID-19. Parle has launched the logo of the ‘kissing couple’ which was the logo of the Kismi toffee with some changes.

Parle has relaunched the logo of its Kismi brands with some changes. The present logo denotes the message of social distancing during COVID-19 crisis. The logo of Kismi brand which was launched in 1963, now shows the couples apart from one another to show the message of social distancing amid the Coronavirus threat. The logo was relaunched by Parle on all social media platforms recently.

Parle with the new logo has given a creative push to the digital campaign against COVID-19. The new Kismi logo puts some extra distance between the kissing couples to educate about social distancing.

Parle products followed the new logo with an Instagram post quoting, “to make sure their love stays safe, our Kismi lovers have had to let go of each other (only for a little while)! A little distance today can make sure you stay even closer in the future!”

The senior category head of Parle brand quoted that, “we tweaked the iconic logo on social media platforms to remind our customers and employees that everyone should be doing their part to help stop the spread of COVID-19 by practicing social distancing. We, at Parle Products takes safety measures seriously and are proud to have initiated digital campaign.”

Many brands such as McDonalds, Zomato, Swiggy, Coca-Cola Dettol have been advertising and educating consumers amid COVID-19.


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