Paypal to launch point-of-sale application and money transfer application as part of new service offering in India


Nov 25, 2012: Paypal as part of offering new services in India, which is seen as a growing market with increase in the number of online shoppers is all said to launch two new services i.e. point-of-sale application and money transfer application. With the help of point-of-sale application, the online shoppers will be able to make use of their mobile phones for undertaking debit and credit card transactions. Money transfer application allows the users to transfer money within the country. Paypal, a subsidiary of eBay with 103 million registered active users and $3.5 billion of sales had suspended its operations in India two years ago as it got embroiled in a tussle with local regulators in India. It is all set to build a new base in the country by establishing two development centers and restart its operations.


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