Pepsi encourages people to follow social distancing through new ‘Salaam Namaste’ campaign


Now, Pepsi along with its brand ambassador and Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is featuring the contactless Indian greetings in their new digital forward campaign. The video campaign aims to promote these contactless greetings which are a great measure in social distancing.

The company mentioned that the video is an extension of the youth-centric campaign. ‘Swag Se solo’. This campaign is related to three important insights, which are cultural, social, and consumer. The cultural insight highlights the salaam and namaste as an integral part of Indian culture. The social insight highlights the importance of social distancing through these contactless greetings in the current difficult situation. And the consumer insight recognizes the people’s needs to express themselves in a fun and engaging manner.

Now, all brands are using digital platforms for running their campaigns. This makes the campaign more effective and engaging with customers. Likewise, Pepsi will launch a challenge on TikTok for promoting the contactless forms of greetings. The campaign film will also run parallelly on other platforms like Instagram and YouTube. The brand expects that this will increase awareness among the public since the content consumption is at an all-time high in these social media.

A PepsiCo spokesperson said, “Given the scenario, contactless greetings have never been more relevant. The intent of this campaign is to ensure that people maintain connections but responsibly. Pepsi has launched many digital forward campaigns using popular platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. and these platforms have now become an integral part of Pepsi’s marketing mix. They allow the advantage of creating short-form, influencer-driven content, which in turn provide our campaigns scale, relevance and shareability”

Last week, Pepsi also launched a campaign, ‘#HarGhoontMeinSwagHai’ which encourages the new generation to live life on their own terms. The brands are more focusing on digital media for getting better engagement from the customers. #FlightsOfImagination by AirAsia, #WalkForGood by VKC, #CelebratingGoodness by Tata Motors, #BailMeOutBK by Burger King, #MuhuratAtHome by Kalyan Jewellers are some of the other great campaigns of this month.


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