PepsiCo India’s unique promotion for Slice with 24 carat gold mangoes


March 2, 2013: Who does not like gold especially when the prices are zooming above the roof and what if it comes to you free when you buy something. It is double whammy right? This is what will happen when you buy a Slice if you are in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka or Andhra Pradesh. PepsiCo has started off a unique promotional campaign for its Slice brand in these states and is giving out 5 grams of 24 carat gold mangoes. The company is giving gold mangoes each day to four lucky winners and this campaign will be there till March 16. PepsiCo is giving out gold mangoes worth Rs.40 lakh as part of this campaign.

PepsiCo has launched this campaign for Slice in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh as the company believes these are the key markets for the brand. In the words of Homi Battiwalla, Senior Director, Marketing, PepsiCo India, “The intent of the unique consumer programme is to elevate the consumer experience”. If you also want to participate in this unique campaign, what you need to do is to buy a Slice pack or a bottle of Slice and look under the crown or the label and send the unique code as an SMS to the number mentioned on the pack. Four lucky winners would be selected each day and would be getting a 5 gram gold mango.


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