Perfetti Van Melle to launch new ‘Batti Jalo’ campaign for Mentos on digital media


March 5, 2013: Companies are increasing looking at the digital space to promote their company and brands and the latest to join the bandwagon is Perfetti Van Melle. Couple of days back, has covered a feature on how ThumsUp has tied up with Salman Khan and his ‘Be Human’ initiative to promote the drink through his Facebook page and Twitter account. Perfetti Van Melle who has its famous brand Mentos in the market has decided to launch its new campaign “Batti Jalao” first on digital platform.

Perfetti will be giving a sneak preview of the campaign on its Facebook community which has nearly six lakh followers. The ‘Batti Jalo’ campaign is a ‘riddle with a twist’ and the viewers who solve the riddle with be offered a cash prize of Rs.25 lakh. Perfetti will be taking the campaign to television once it gains momentum on the digital platform. The company will be putting up banners in the internet and mobile space as well as part of promotion of the campaign.

The company expects that this unique campaign wherein a participant need not buy or use any product but only needs to solve a riddle will be a good consumer engagement tool which will reap dividends for Mentos brand. The riddle has been so designed that it is witty and humorous but at the same time challenging. It has a mystery element attached to it and it will really need good brains on the part of the viewers to solve the riddle.


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