Pitch-Mindshare Digital Report: Mobile ad spends to reach Rs. 243 cr in 2013


Internet has now taken edge over the bigger cluster of the market and is expected to play a dominant position in the coming days. Mobile technology has been the hottest topic these days. With mobile developers implementing better innovation in every product of theirs, the buyers are on the verge of buying or getting updated with every new version that comes into the market. According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the number of mobile phone subscribers accounted to 90.84 crore by the end of August. Mobile marketing can be considered playing a vital role in attaining growth. The cheaper rates induced on smarphones and 3g rates are next in the list of important factors that contributed to the economy. With the mobile phones coming up with all the required elements, the usage of PC can be expected to drop in the course of next five years.

According to the Pitch-Mindhsare Digital Report 2012, mobile sales in the digital ad pie represented eight per cent of the shares with Rs 121 crore, from a total of Rs. 1,514 crore in 2011. By the end of this year, the figures are expected to hike up to Rs. 167 crore, a rise of 38 percent over the previous year. The smartphone and other technology enhanced phones would be on demand over the computers with marketers utilizing the growth to a full extent. As part of the tradition of moving along with innovation, the mobile distributors have already adopted m-advertising platforms for better promotion and operational growth.

Bipin Narang, Head of Marketing at Videocon Mobiles said in a statement that the companies which have adopted mobile marketing are all from the telecom operations platform. Meanwhile, the automobile, insurance and banking sectors have all been targeting mobile technology through SMSes. However, experts have been suggesting that the marketers have been failing constantly towards implementing their own mobile campaign. They are instead depending on the applications to reach out to the audience. Experts further added that Seventy nine per cent of the leading advertizing companies have no websites designed for a mobile platform.

This in no terms helps in stopping them from experimenting. All an advertiser aims at doing is delivering a new and different experience to the customer through innovative thoughts. Security concerns and data thefts have been the major concerns for marketers, mobile operators, app developers, and other players in the market. The marketers must hence put aside some part of their investment for experimenting on new implementations on mobiles.


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