Plagiarism Checker Tool to Improve Your Content Quality


When creating content for your articles or research papers, a student or researcher needs to do proper attribution of the data whenever you use outside sources. Check for plagiarism is also a very important aspect to remove copyright issues. Copping someone else’s work and showing it as your work to others is an unethical & illegal act. On the other hand, the consequences of sourcing information from online platforms are very dangerous.

In any writing field, plagiarism check is an important activity to figure out the uniqueness of your written content. Whether you are a marketer, blogger, teacher, professor, student, or any field related to research having a plagiarism tool is necessary.

In this guidepost, we are going to enlist the best plagiarism checker tools that you can use to detect the duplicated sections from your text document.

Best Plagiarism Detection Tools:

Please have a look at our best plagiarism tracking tools list; read on.


The online plagiarism checker by is one of the leading tools that can check the copied content of your research papers, blogs, assignments, and websites. Copy the content you want to check and paste it in the input box of this free plagiarism tool, and click the “check plagiarism” button to get the detection reports. You can use the URL feature or upload the file from Dropbox or desktop to scan the copyrights of the content. You can scan 800 words with its free version and detect the plagiarism of up to 30,000 words with its paid subscription.

  • Quetext:

Quetext is a well-reputed plagiarism checker & citation assistance that allows the user to make a plagiarism check online. The free instant feature of the tool helps the user to review work with lightning speed. You can do a contextual analysis, fuzzy matching, and conditional scoring with its patented deep search technology. Quetext can track 100 % of your plagiarized content from an academic journal. You can scan five free plagiarism checks every month with its free plan. First-time users can get the advantage of analyzing 500 words without paying money.

  • Plagium:

Plagium website is an online easy-to-use plagiarism tool that allows you to track the plagiarized textual content. The tool makes a plagiarism check by dividing the text into snippets and comparing them to online sources. The plagiarism checker claims that the method gives more accurate, clear, and less noisy search reports as compared to the other different search engines. The online tool features a text box where you can paste the copied text to check for plagiarism. You can paste a maximum of 1000 characters into the box for scanning. There is an option to make a deep search, but the saddest part is that you can unlock this feature by signing up for an account. It displays the website links that match your pasted content so you can view the links to figure it out.

  • Edubirdie:

Edubirdie not only works for the plagiarism check but also helps to cite the content properly. The detection tool has a text box where you can put your copied text to check the plagiarism. You can also upload the text format in different formats, including pdf, doc, docx, odt, and RTF files. You can use the online tool to check plagiarism for free, but you need to create an account to view the searching results. After checking the content, the plagiarism checker will rate your content from A to F score.

It will show you the percentage with the grade letter for originality, grammar, readability of your pasted content. EduBirdie provides you a similarity index that tells you how closely worded your work is to a given source. You can view the source by a link or exclude it to improve your scoring.


The is a new plagiarism detector tool that I am impressed with, and it is gaining popularity among the students, teachers, and bloggers day by day. It has additional compliance & security measures as compared with other typical writing software. It will help the user to check your created word for plagiarism check, inadvertent or otherwise. The tool highlights the copied or sourced section of your document and also provides a website URL to make it sure.  This tool that checks for plagiarism is free to use, but you get the advanced features by paying $11.99 per month.


Duplication Of the content from different platforms is an unethical activity that most people do. The consequences of using someone else work in your content can be dangerous for you. If you’re worried about how to check the authenticity of the content, then don’t worry. Use one of the mentioned above tools to check the plagiarism of your content.

Make sure that the content you are creating is original & unique before publishing it on the website. There are so many plagiarism detection tools available online that you can use but choosing from various options is not easy. So, you can look up the tools mentioned above to detect the content stolen from different platforms.


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