Platinum Guild India’s new initiative – “SEASON OF HOPE”


Platinum Guild India introduced its new initiative “Season of Hope”. This rare retail initiative on platform jewellery is moving successfully across 1200 stores in India and is backed by a powerful communication plan. This is led by a new film supported by Print, Digital, and PR across the market to make sure to get reach and frequency

Platinum Guild India has worked together with Oxfam India to give hands for 4500 families, approximately 22500 individuals over three months in states where the results have been harshest such as Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Orissa offering help in the form of providing sanitation, foods, and non-goods essentials. In certain vulnerable groups of our society, such as migrant workers, the Pandemic has been extremely tough, and with Platinum’s Season of Hope, the efforts have been to extend their role in an attempt to give back to society beyond a regular initiative. Bringing back some hope where it is needed most. 

Platinum is a rare precious metal that is known for motivating strong life, love, value, and relationship. The advertisement for the Season of Hope campaign, give importance to appreciate the relations that have stood at different times. 

The advertisement is discussing two sisters young one is going to leave home after lockdown and returning to another city. During the time spent together, she understood how well is her elder sister taking care of the family all the time. She leaves the elder sister at home taking responsibility by locking her dreams and allowing the younger one to fly according to her dreams.

The younger one is appreciating and showing gratitude to the elder one who is doing well all these times. Later, the younger girl is showing gratitude by gifting a platinum bracelet present to her elder sibling for letting her fly for accomplishing her dreams.

The campaign has been executed by Famous Innovations, speaking on the brand film, Raj Kamble, founder and chief executed officer, famous Innovation ads “These last few months have been dark but have also given all of us time for introspection and realization. It has made us thankful for lots of people and things we took for granted. Our campaign highlights one such moment of realization between two sisters, weaving in the role of the brand as a symbol of gratitude. Through this and other upcoming campaigns, we aim to focus on the positive part of this difficult time and shine hope for our consumers. Platinum, with its uplifting emotional associations, is in a unique position to do so”.

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