‘Playful’ marketing trends


Fun seems to be the new element that companies and advertisers are focusing on to appeal to the playful nature of consumers. According to JWT Manila, the companies seem to be focusing on providing value-added products via social media and technology. JWT stated in a presentation about the trends found in 2012, that brands across the globe, local and international, have leveraged on sense of community and new technology for their brands.

According to Pam Pacete Garcia who is executive planning director at JWT Manila, brands have been adopting a balance between unstructured and structured play so as to reach out to the customer’s playful sides. She cited the example of ‘hackathons’ that major brands undertake to give a free hand to individuals and employees to work on projects passionate to them.

Brands seem to focus on an advertising strategy that will portray them to be stress relievers. Brands of spas, sleeping pills and even McDonalds, through their ‘Hurray for Today’ campaign, have been underpinning this essence. JWT Manila also suggests companies to utilize technology to reinforce the promotion of everyday products like clothing.

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