endows O2 supply

304 India’s largest online poker platform, has partnered with giving India- a non-profit organization a platform, to aid and support the current oxygen crisis in the country. In a quest to help millions of Indians, who are battling the ongoing pandemic. had launched an uplifting tournament titled the O2 initiative and had promised to bestow 100% of the fees raised through the tournament to the NGO, and even adds the purpose of procuring oxygen cylinders.

Broadcasting this one of those tournaments with humanity, has introduced a video message, and that spotlights as a homage for all the frontline workers, corona warriors, and corporates, who had stepped up for the sake of humanity. This video thoughtfully illustrates the similarity between life and the game of poker that gamers wish to win.

However, India is surrounded with Covid-19, and faces lack of oxygen,, and their main objective is to reassure affected people and encourage their spirits through this poker community to look forward, and contest in the O2 initiative themed such as ’YOU PLAY POKER. WE’LL DONATE.

Meanwhile, this tournament, has been a helping hand in these unprecedented times. This tournament has seen 1600+ poker players waving help for this cause, by participating in a tournament and spending towards this initiative. This tournament has performed well and was able to raise an amount of 3.31 Lakh. They had even donated to Give India. During these difficult times, this platform persuades us to aid this by providing indispensable resources and allowed its players to join hands for this cause.

Varun Ganjoo, Co-founder and Marketing Director of Baazi Games has stated that India is enduring extremely difficult times now, and they are glad to see how people are coming together to support each other, as they beat this pandemic novel. We, at, joined hands with this country during these times. Our main aim was to remain strongly connected with their users and had also managed to share bonds with them, to provoke them to come forward. They supported and endowed things to needy people. PokerBaazi, com O2, their main aim in this relationship was to bestow India true to our brand values of being sensitive, and thoughtful towards the surrounding environment.

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