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864, India’s largest poker platform, has released a new app that can be downloaded at Following in the footsteps of its predecessor and other gaming applications from the parent company Baazi Games, the app is built in India and boasts a dazzling array of new and improved features that enhance the platform’s user experience.

Online gaming is a fast-growing business in India, and they see this as a chance for to innovate and deliver an enriched experience for our players, which will help to build and streamline the country’s online poker playing base.

The new application aims to raise the platform a notch higher and capitalize on the excitement people have for poker. As continues to strike a chord with the audience and continues to surprise them with its various offerings, the new application aims to raise the platform a notch higher and capitalize on the excitement people have for poker.

The PokerBaazi app already has a registered user base of 2 million, and the engagement rate is predicted to increase by 30% with the new app launch, thanks to an enormous response from the poker community.

New Features included:

  • The all-new PokerBaazi app incorporates cutting-edge technology, with an emphasis on providing a better design and user interface. Players may now play online poker with just one hand thanks to the new app.
  • Thanks to the Intuitive AI technology, users don’t have to waste time navigating and can instead focus on their game.
  • The new app also has a Winner Tab, which allows players to view the winner’s profile and post real-time updates about the match they just won.
  • New features include Next-Gen Graphics, Minimal Design Language, High-Resolution Gaming, Haptic Feedback, State Segregation, and Navigational Cards as part of the design and user interface makeover.
  • Advanced Opponent Stats and Player Career Stats allow players to learn from their prior results and improve their game.
  • has delivered on its promise of providing a smooth and seamless user experience for poker players by introducing an Integrated Payments system.

Improved Aspects: As a result of PokerBaazi’s technological breakthroughs, the team has been able to improve on crucial performance-related features such as reduced battery consumption, automatic app updates, and lower RAM usage.

New Themes & Personalization: When it comes to playing poker online, themes are quite important since they create a virtual environment for the player.

Exciting new themes, such as Vegas Table Theme and Futuristic Table Theme, as well as other experience-defining features like Expressive Emojis, Winning Probability, Opponent Stats, Shortcut Chat Messages, and Chat Visibility Customization, are also included in the app’s current UI.

Improved Themes and Personalization includes: Gamers can put their skills to the test with improved and smoother Game Animations, a Classic Table Theme, Stack Visualisation Customisation, Card Deck Customisation, High-res Graphics, Game Result Visualisation, Opponent Detail Visualisation, Hand History Visualisation, Enhanced Note Making, and Responsible Gaming Tools.

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