Popular search engine AltaVista.com laid to rest by Yahoo


July 9, 2013: Yahoo has laid to rest one of the most popular search engine of earlier times AltaVista.com which it acquired in July 2003 for USD 1.7 billion from Overture Services Inc. AltaVista which was introduced in 1995 was totally overshadowed by the dominance of Google which was launched in 1998.

This development of discontinuing AltaVista was announced by Yahoo on its Tumblr page on June 28, 2013. Yahoo along with the expiration date and announcement that AltaVista is the eighth item on a list of services to be closed down by them came out with a post saying “Please visit Yahoo Search for all of your searching needs.”

Experts believe that the decline of AltaVista started after it started became more like Yahoo rather than sticking on to a search engine. Currently Google remains the most preferred search engine followed by Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo which occupies the third space.


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