Post COVID-19, Purpose-driven marketing will be essential for brands


Marketers are pointing out that Purpose-driven marketing while maintaining the core principles of the business is critical in the post COVID era.

In this unprecedented pandemic times of COVID-19, brand loyalty from the consumer to the brand maintains on the thought on the greater good the brand is doing for society amid these hectic times. The crisis has drastically changed consumer behaviour and purchasing patterns. 

Brands will have to develop new innovative ways of attracting and have an effective way of communicating with them. A communication that isn’t connected with consumerism and more focused on the spread of positive messages will be more welcomed by the consumers.

Prashant Deorah MD & CEO of Puretech Digital said that COVID-19 has pushed forward many brands that didn’t previously have Strong CSR initiatives to connect it with their marketing. He also quoted that the lockdown would create economic havoc around the world where most brands will be more concerned about their survival than corporate social responsibility and most funds of CSR activities of a company would be consumed the pandemic crisis.

Purpose-driven marketing will be the most important aspect for a brands marketing strategies in the post COVID environment as people would be more connected to the brand that does more CSR activities.

Harsha Belavady who is the Chief Revenue Officer at KLAY Pre-schools and Day Care said that “There is no pointing in shutting our eyes from the fact that there will be a new normal in a post-COVID-19 world. The new ways will force consumers to rethink their consumption patterns to their needs rather than wants, thus changing consumer purchasing behaviour drastically. Brands will need to evolve with this newfound change quickly to keep up. This pandemic has brought people together, and this phenomenon is only expected to progress in the future. We already know that consumers prefer brands that are purpose-driven and brands must adopt this approach for the benefit of the larger society. Importantly, we should know that we are all in this together, and as responsible brands, we must build and focus on doing what is necessary for the society as well by enabling a world that is better and more connected than the one we lived in before the pandemic.”


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