Product Launch: P&G launches Oral-B Pro-Health toothpaste with Madhuri Dixit


July 4, 2013: P&G which has been mulling over launching its brand of toothpaste in the Indian market announced its foray in the toothpaste market with the launch of Oral-B Pro-Health toothpaste. Claiming to be the first toothpaste in India which reaches all the areas which dentists check, the product is said to contain a patented ingredient which provides mouth all round protection.

Speaking on the occassion of the launch, Kainaz Gazder, Marketing Head, P&G India said, “Its exclusive and proprietary technology makes it Oral-B’s first toothpaste in India that protects against all areas dentists routinely check.” Indian toothpaste market which is estimated to be around Rs.6,000 crore would be seeing Oral-B toothpaste competing against other brand of toothpastes like Pepsodent and Palmolive.

Oral-B toothpaste which wold be available from Rs.59 onwards for 75 gm tube would be endorsed by Actor Madhuri Dixit who after a brief hiatus is back in the limelight along with Oral-B brand of toothbrushes.


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