Pursuing Offbeat Management Courses is the Trend


Offbeat management courses are becoming more and more popular among B-school aspirants mainly as they are on the lookout for specialist knowledge in sector-specific businesses, claim experts.

The popular choices made among students are traditional courses such as computing and engineering, but more students are applying for wider range of subject areas including luxury brand management, sports marketing, semiotics and brand management, event management, film studies and more.

Regarding this trend, Founder and CEO of Business School SOIL, Anil Sachdevn claims that students these days are in a desire to explore new dimensions as they are attracted towards new segments. The emerging fields include design thinking, social entrepreneurship, big data analytics, green business, social media marketing, rural innovation and wellness, he added.

Also, Anita Sandham, International Marketing Manager, Sheffield Hallam University claims that there is a growth in applications for courses in art and design, events and hospitality, tourism, sport business management and PR and communications. The entrepreneurship courses are attraction a large number of aspirants.

The primary reason for the growth in other fields is due to the fading popularity of MBA that has resulted in dull employment across the market, claims ICS Founder & CEO Anirudh Motwani. Furthermore, Manaswini Acharya, Professor & Chairperson Branding and Media Relations at IMI Delhi believes that there is a potentially strong market for offbeat courses. It is added that these niche sectors want specialists who are well aware of the domain, hence the trend is all set to increase greatly.

She added that the salaries vary hugely for different sectors, but the career prospects for MSc Big Data graduates include positions such as data analysts or scientists who can earn salaries around 25,000 pound to 35,000 pound and reach 80,000 pound and more.

AdiantaSchoolfor Leadership & Innovation Founder & CEO, Aditya Dev Sood claims that students with the right portfolio of work, good internship and strong understanding of the particular sector can earn between Rs 35,000 and Rs 55,000 directly after  their undergraduate degrees.











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