Raymond rolls out new ad film as part of new ‘Complete Man’ brand campaign


Raymond has recently rolled out a new ad campaign conceptualized by Famous Innovations as part of new ‘Complete Man’ brand campaign. The new ad focuses on how a man shares the burden of a family and plays a major role like a women in a family. Highlighting how a husband understands the the emotions of a working mother when she has to leave her baby alone for the first time, the ad shows how a husband steps up for his wife and turn out to be a Complete Man. The ad beautiful highlights the new generation where both husband and wife work and the challenges that they have to face in life.

Ritesh Ghosal, CMO, Raymond Lifestyle Business while talking about the new ad was quoted as saying “The Complete Man continues to epitomize the Indian male, as he has done for decades. Except that the context is different today.” He added that, “Relationships have evolved, and the new film captures the new age dynamic between a man and his wife in a context that truly brings alive the choices man has to make today.”

The new ad film of Raymonds shows show a young couple leaving their house early morning dressed for work. Both the couples are shown as professionals and as they move to the car, the woman is shown worried and thinking about something. As the husband switches on the car the womans asks for a momen a rushes back into the house. The man is shown patiently inside the car and then the ad shows the wife coming out of the house and getting into the car. She is shown excusing herself again and going insde. The ad ends by showing the man smiling and following her and holding the new born baby in his hand at the door. He is seen reassuring the wife that he will take care of the child when she will go for work. Though she is shown in a dilemma whether to go or not to go to the office, once she is reassure she is seen driving away and the husband in all his office attire is shown holding the baby.

The film ends with a voice over that says, “Many things make the complete man. Being there is just one of them.”

Raymond – The Complete Man – Being There

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yrgkP3zn9Y[/youtube]


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