Recent Mobile Marketing Trends in Industry


Mobile is no more a luxury but it has become a part and parcel of a human beings life. There is a lot of emotional value attached with the device that it acknowledged as something more than a device. With its growing value among the people, its scope as a major source of marketing has also grown up. The marketing strategies for the year of 2013 is all set to revolve around the use of this technology.

The recent Adobe survey conducted to study about the mobile trends and its influence on consumer behavior has revealed that mobile optimizations would be an effective strategy for digital marketing this year. The survey also underlines the fact that a majority of the customers are relying on their phone for online browsing and purchase compared to PCs and Laptops.

There are lot of studies that have highlighted the use of mobile phones for marketing purposes. The sharp increase in the amount of time the people spend on their smart phones makes it an ideal source to reach the consumers. It would be worthwhile to target the potential customers through advertisements and messages which would reduce the possibility of a miss.

The use of apps has shown a rapid increase of about a whopping 120%. It would be a good idea to stream the promotion ideas through the apps to increase the hit percentage. The use of mobile marketing would be an appropriate step further for age based promotions as well. Mobile marketing strategies would help greatly in targeting the right audience.

Though Smartphone has the fallacy of being used by all age groups, this can be focused on the basis of the data collected from the dealers. Marketing through the social media could also be an ideal source of mobile marketing as most of the users are now accustomed to logging into their accounts through their phone.


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