Reebok launches new fully integrated marketing campaign “Live with Fire’


March 2, 2013: Reebok has launched its new fully integrated marketing campaign “Live with Fire” by building off on the 2012 campaign “The Sport of Fitness Has Arrived”. Reebok has launched this campaign to celebrate those people whose life has been transformed because of their active lifestyle. In 2012, Reebok had done a campaign “The Sport of Fitness Has Arrived”, which highlighted CrossFit. The campaign talked about how CrossFit helps in building community and confidence. Through the new campaign of “Live with Fire” which communicates more about inspiring oneself and inspiring others to do the same, Reebok tries to market its fitness and lifestyle business

Reebok is rolling out a 360 degree launch plan for this new campaign and will be making its presence felt in Digital, Print, Events etc. “Live with Fire” campaign will feature its core technology product “Realflex”. The new marketing campaign will be a bit different from the usual Reebok campaigns since it will have some real good initiatives and use of all media tools. The brand will be trying to break the clutter through large shoe cut outs outdoor and is also launching a new mobile application “Ignite the Fitness Fire”. Reebok will also be engaging the target audience by associations with gyms like Fitness First and Sport Fit. “Ignite the Fitness Fire” application which will be available on Apple and Android platforms will allow the users to compete with MS Dhoni and beat him in a challenge. The app is available on Facebook as well.

Through the new campaign Reebok not only tries to focus on training and running which has been its forte, it also focuses on women’s fitness through Dance and Yoga and stresses on walking as well. In the words of Matt O’Toole, Chief Marketing Officer, Reebok on this new campaign, “At Reebok, our mission is to empower people to be fit for life, but we don’t want people to move for the sake of movement; we believe movement is the path to becoming physically, mentally and socially stronger”. On the launch of the “Live with Fire’ campaign, Steve Mc Phereson, Brand Director, Reebok India says, “We offer a different perspective on a healthy lifestyle and creative expression. We’re celebrating individuals who find purpose by pursuing their passions which is so relevant in a country like India where passion and emotion cuts across all demographics.”



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