Role of Podcasting in Content Marketing


Marketing strategies are vital for growth of any business and strategies require time bound reviews and changes. Recent marketing trends opens up big roles for podcasting when it comes to content marketing.

Podcasting helps marketers construct powerful radio programs and radio stations on the internet. This can increase the levels of trust among the customers. Content marketers are forced to use podcasting as a major part of their marketing strategy because of the benefits it offers. Internet is full of content and the number of people accessing the content has gone up to a greater extent.

Podcasting is gaining importance as the users can go beyond the web page and get to know the person behind the business. It is seen that the US podcasting audience will grow to 37.6 million in 2013. The growth is projected to be 13% compared to a meager 8% in 2008. Statistics also shows that people in India are also increasingly listening to podcasts.

Podcasting can help the marketers in following ways:

Increasing the marketing ROI

The main aim of marketing a product is to get the message across and this can be effectively done via podcasting. Podcasting allows subtle conveyance of messages rather than blasting the audience with a heap of ads.

Brand Recognition

Podcasting gives a better brand recognition and brings a brand to life. Social media is an active tool to market products and combining it with podcasting will strengthen business and convey the message in an effective way.

Podcasting today is found in almost every field including sports, entertainment, music, professional services, marketing, medical services, politics, science etc. Even an average person can feel comfortable putting his/her voice on air. A person must be familiar with services such as audioboo to record and share his/her thoughts.

A good podcast can be produced by defining the objectives in first place. It is important to focus on brand positioning and understand the expectations of the listeners who are prospective customers. Decide on the details of going on air and the person who should be given the responsibility. The final point to make a good podcast is to keep it short and sweet. Podcasts can be created within hours and there is no need to spend days on it. Podcasts are on the rise; it is easy to do and requires very little equipments. Podcasting as a brand wagon to marketing can enhance the value and add charm to a brand.




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