Royal Enfield to enhance their customer engagement and brand awareness through campaigns


Royal Enfield had announced their social campaigns aiming at customer engagement and brand awareness among the most passionate riders. The Trip Story Campaign is one of the famous campaigns among this. 22feet tribal worldwide, the digital solution provider for some of the largest brands in the world designed the digital campaigns. The company also provides free services and warranties to the customers.

Along with the closure of automobile shops, Covid-19 infection had also hit the assembly and production a massive hit. Struggling with this situation, many companies are showing their digital presence through campaigns, Royal Enfield had also announced their digital engagement for customers. This campaign had helped them converge together a wide range of Royal Enfield communities of avid riders, aspirants, motorcycling clubs, etc. Riding communities now share their bond of passion and love for motorcycles through the campaigns held by Royal Enfield for the past few months. The Trip Story campaign is one of the most welcomed social campaigns of the company which helped them increase their brand awareness. The implementation of this idea is from the insight that most people are engaged in the digital world and content consumption in this lockdown period. Earlier, Harley-Davidson India also launched a social campaign #FindYourFreedom for celebrating unique stories of riders.

 22feet tribal worldwide which is a digital solution provider backed by data, part of DDB Mudra Group, designed the digital campaigns. They are known for the management of digital identities of some of the largest brands of the world. National creative director of 22feet tribal worldwide Debashish Gosh told that the communities with a passion for adventure and exploration have to be engaged and motivated in this situation. Thus, this team came up with this initiative in the preference of different kinds of riders to stay connected with each other.

They have also declared that they will provide their customers with free services and warranties expiring between the lockdown period and it will be extended to two months more. The company also reported a 41% decline in their sales in overall march. A total of 35,814 units were sold by the company the previous month. But it is low compared to the 60,831 units sold last year in the same month.


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