Ruchi Soya adopts a new promotional strategy to enter Bengali Kitchens


Ruchi Soya Industries has come up with a brand new promotion method. There are various ways to promote a brand, but this is something different. The company has entered an agreement with six capital city fish markets in Bengal to promote their mustard oil brand Nutrela.

Bengalis are fond of fish cooked with mustard oil. The company is taking an advantage of the Bengali tastes and cooking up new plans to enter the Bengali kitchens. As part of the new campaign, five or six fish sellers will be identified from these six major fish markets and these sellers will give customers a complimentary pack of Nutrela Kachi Ghani mustard oil for a purchase of 1 kg of fish. The campaign is launched purely to cash in on the Bengali sentiments; signifying the importance of using mustard oil as a cooking medium.

The company also has plans to launch a similar campaign in Assam. Ruchi Soya Industries has invested over Rs. 2 crore in this ad-campaign, and the campaign is expected to last for a few weeks. Apart from giving customers complimentary packs of oil, the company has also launched ad-jingles in TV and radio platforms. The company has roped in popular actress Soumitra Chatterjee, to add spice to the jingle. The actress will sing a jingle in the campaign.

The campaign with its aggressive ad-campaigns tries to create a bridge between its Nutrela brand and true Bangaliaana. The ads use a thoroughly designed Bengali concept to tap the market in the state. The idea behind the ad campaigns is to evoke the Bangaliaana spirit and persona, reminding Bengalis of their roots.

The Bengal market currently accounts for Rs. 110 crore of mustard oil market. These figures are over one-third of the total Rs. 300 crore of mustard oil market in India. This is amazingly, the company’s first ad-campaign for the brand. Jharkhand and Bihar remain the next focus of the company.

The other key brands in the market other than Nutrela in the mustard oil segment are Fortune, Dhara, Emami and local players such as Mashal and Engine. It is now time to wait and watch whether the 360 degree clamor marketing campaigns of Ruchi Soya yields the desired results.



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