Safety first!: Ogilvy and Asian Paints ensures safety for their workers on resuming work amidst Covid-19


The coronavirus pandemic has immensely affected the rhythm of life around the world especially businesses. When it comes to the painting category, Asian Paints is the leader, and has decided to face this pandemic by making their painting service more of, “ Safe painting service”.

Asian Paints has planned to resume their work, by completely sanitizing and maintaining a hygienic environment. Multiple measures will be taken into consideration for ensuring the wellbeing of workers, at every stage of the painting process and while maintaining  cleanliness of the site.

In order  to spread this message among the stake holders, Ogilvy Mumbai proposed a campaign which targets painters ,their families as they are the most affected group of  people during this pandemic.

Asian Paints created a two part series of digital films, which shows the life of a painter and his family by witnessing the reason to feel assured of  their safety on resuming work. And it also shows the safety measures taken by Asian Paints to ensure the wellbeing of their working staff.

The first film showed , face of a painter’s wife looking worried about her husband returning to work. To calm her down, he explains all the safety measures he is going to take to keep himself safe.

The second film depicts on social distancing. In that, the painter explains to his wife, about the machine he uses at the work place is smooth and efficient and  it requires only a few people and which is why it is totally safe for him to go to work.

MD, CEO of Asian Paints Limited, Amit Syngle said that company is very concerned  for the workers as  coronavirus can be a serious threat to the workers. Hence, the company decided to incorporate ‘ Safe painting service’  to protect their wellbeing.  The digital film featured on social media depicts their priority and aim in providing provision and safety standards to ensure the safety and well-being  of  the painters and in ensuring  great looking walls.

The creative officer, Sukesh Nayak, Ogilvy India stated, “ Company wanted to assure the people of, the steps taken to ensure that the whole painting process is going to be completely safe. The most important people – the  families of painters, were assured  about  the safe painting services – phase through which workers are going to pass through.”


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