Sale of Private Label Juices soar high compared to branded juices: Market Research Report


The assumption that higher price gives a higher quality is slowly fading and we can see a new trend shaping up in the market. Private Label Juices are now seeing higher sales compared to branded packaged juices. Irrespective of the item, may it be cereals, batteries, cough-syrup or juices, the one which features recognized brand names cost more compared to its local label counterparts.

Private juice labels today are gaining better recognition and it is becoming a good option for low income groups who may not be able to afford branded packaged juices. Fresh juices are nothing new to Indian consumers, and it is seen that the consumption rate of fresh juices in India is 95%. Fresh Juice consumption has seen a significant growth in the past few years, in our country, and are becoming popular both in the rural and urban areas. A research done by Mintel reveals that private label juices have a higher growth prospects in India.

Indian Market was filled with recognized packaged branded juices until a few years ago, and the trend is seeing a steady shift to local brands. Indian consumers are now, left with more choice with a lot of local/private players in the market. Consumers are turning price and quality conscious and that is a good sign. Private juice makers offer customers quality products at comparatively low prices, and this has considerably increased the trust of consumers.

Private labels are still in a very nascent stage, in India, and one of the reasons for this is that the organized retail sector here is small. Organized retail sales market accounted only to 7.2 per cent of the total retail sales in Indian 2011. However, with the recent decision of Government to allow Foreign Direct Investments in the retail sector, private players will be surrounded by opportunities and are likely to receive a much needed boost. It will also allow customers to expect a variety of products and as well as better quality and prices due to increasing competition.


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