Salesforce report to bring new insights to the leading marketers


State of marketing report sixth edition published yesterday by Salesforce reveals that the marketers of India have succeeded in engaging the customers in their purchase and maintaining a healthy customer relationship. This growth of Indian marketers is with the help of technology that drives customer expectations to new heights. Indian marketers are busy with their new innovations and shifting the standards of their customer relationships. Even though there is a rising concern among people due to the current issues faced amidst Covid-19, there lies a hope in everyone to return back to normal life.

With the augmented reality and voice technology Indian marketers expect a new transformational impact by 2023. The data was collected by the salesforce from about 7000 market leaders all over the globe for the State of marketing report. The final survey report is very helpful for the marketers in providing them with significant relevance, value, and a helpful guide in navigating through this tough time. The rising pandemic situation of Covid-19 business is thinking about new strategies and steps to overcome challenges and the way to acquire sharp technological and team skills. They try to continue their efforts in transforming the customer experiences to position it in a way that will last for a longer period. Sunil Jose, SVP, SalesForce India also added to this point by telling that the insights from the state of marketing report are a helpful guide for the marketers as they journey to recover and transform their business.  Marketing leaders from B2B, B2C, B2B2C across 30 countries were approached to collect the data to know the existing trends along with approaching 300 respondents of India.

Marketing Transformation takes on new urgency:  87% of the marketers in India are asked to take up the leadership role to lead customer experience initiatives across their companies that includes both technological and organizational innovations. The expected behavior and needs of customers are changing very fast. Thus, innovation is the main priority of the marketing leaders keeping in mind the challenges, they face due to lack of organizational structure and processes.

Customer Data sets the stage for empathetic marketing: Every individual must be approached with the messages and offers that favor their unique needs and expectations. Thus, for this with the help of AI customer data are managed and act accordingly.

Marketers Double down on Business Value: In the stage of recovery and adaptation marketers have the opportunity to convert trusted customer relationships into business value.


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