Samsung to unveil Galaxy S8 after Galaxy Note 7 debacle


Samsung last year which was in news for all the wrong reasons mainly being the debacle of Galaxy Note 7 is looking to swing its fortunes with launch of its Galaxy S8. The company which was forced to discontinue Galaxy Note 7 after its faulty batteries started exploding had apologized to its consumers for causing concern and postponed the launch of Galaxy S8.

The biggest setback for Samsung Electronics was not only the lost profit but also the entire episode affected its global reputation and credibility and on the top of it the company got embroiled in a corruption scandal. The last nail in the coffin was when its Vice-Chairman Lee Jae-Yong, heir to the parent Samsung group was arrested and indicted for bribery, along with four other senior executives, in connection with the graft scandal. This episode also saw ex-president Park Geun-Hye being impeached

In what is termed as testing times for Samsung, the company is planning to launch new additions to the Galaxy line up. Samsung says that the latest addition to Galaxy line up is “the start of a new era”. We at Passionate in Marketing ( strongly believe that the main challenge for Samsung which is known for advanced technology would be to reassert its reliability among consumers. At one end Samsung would like to have a superior product with Galaxy S8 in the market and reassert its position in the consumers mind.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is said to have a larger curved display when compared to Galaxy S7 at 5.8 inches. The new model is said to a iris scanner for unlocking the handset and authorizing payments. It is also rumoured to have a fingerprint scanner on the rear. Late last week Samsung had also announced that this phone will have a new voice-powered digital assistant Bixby



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