Sankalp Plans to Enter Processed Food Category by March


Sankalp, the homegrown food brand is all set to debut with its food retailing foray by March. The brand will have a range of ready to eat and ready to cook processed foods, revealed a top executive from the company.

Regarding this, Kailash Goenka, Chairman and Managing Director, Sankalp Group claimed that after catering to the Indian and international customers with their signature delicacies including signature sambar, it is time for the company to come up with a range of other products.

With the introduction of the new ready to cook and ready to eat processed food brands, Sankalp will be competing with MTR, GITS and McCain in the category. Sankalp being a Rs 175 crore valued company is aspiring to reach Rs 300 crore business with processed food in the next five years.

Sankalp is the flagship brand of the group’s subsidiary Sankalp Recreation Pvt Ltd that owns other brands including Salt N Pepper, Saffron and Sam’s Pizza. Sankalp Recreation contributes to over Rs 100 crore to the group. The division produces around 10 tonne of sambar every day at its Mehsana facility located inGujarat. This sambar is frozen and it sent to over 150 Sankalp outlet that are situated inIndia, US,UK,Canada,AustraliaandWest Asia. Besides sambar, the firm also produces 45,000 idlis and 5 tonnes of pastes that are meant to go well with the Manglorean cuisine.

Sankalp has enticed PEs with its prospects of 30 percent of growth of annually with the help of its chain of restaurants. Regarding this, Jolly Christian, General Manager at Sankalp Recreation claimed that the firm was on a bull since the year 2012 to 2013 and there were only 100 outlets then.

Also, Goenka added that he wishes to ensure that Sankalp generates over Rs 400 crore of turnover with 500 outlets both franchise and company owned. He claimed that over 300 franchise outlets and 200 outlets owned by Sankalp, the brand can penetrate the markets well and provide a sizeable recognition to the firm.










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