Sharekhan offers free advisory services so as to help investors during Covid-19 Pandemic


Sharekhan, a fully owned subsidiary of BNP Paribas, has informed that it has decided to start free advisory services to help investors manage their money during this pandemic. Investments made during this period could be of great value if done sensibly as values have gone down considerably. So, any assistance in this regard should be seen as a welcome addition to making more sensible decisions.

The initiative named – SafeTodayStrongerTomorrow  – is designed to provide capital market essentials to anyone who’s interested like new investors, seasoned investors, traders and among others-retail broker Sharekhan said in a statement. The package is available for anyone to download, whether you are a Sharekhan customer or not and consists of special reports, FAQs, LIVE events, and educational sessions, amongst various others.

This is a great opportunity as consumers can have better insight on where the best investments lie and which sectors are most likely to get least impacted, most impacted as well the sectors that will recover much faster. Having maximum information about the current market scenario is paramount in making sensible investments for those who are interested in making investments at uncertain times like these. Market volatility is what creates most income.   

Financial health at times like these is essential and Sharekhan has decided to help people in whatever way they can with their investment options. Their entire network consisting of research, relationship managers and service teams have been trying to assist all their customers navigate the current market situation that the world finds itself in.

They realized that this is something that everyone can use at a time like this. It would benefit people at large if they made their research and other services available to anyone who is in need of it. If investments are made sensibly, this could be a great opportunity to get huge returns down the line.


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