Six best digital marketing trends to follow in 2013


Digital marketing space has been undergoing rapid changes and marketers have a plethora of technologies, platforms and tools to face these momentous changes. Marketers have to figure out the core trends required to stay ahead of the game this year. Some of the most important digital marketing trends to be followed in the year 2013 are listed below.

Number of digital marketing agencies to double up
The doubling of the number of digital marketing agencies will be one of the major digital marketing trends in 2013. Online marketing is gripping the entire market. Organizations like to be thorough with the marketing of each stage of their products. This will only increase the number of agencies. There will be owner-operated agencies, consultants, creative agencies etc. to give a full range of digital marketing services in all aspects.

Marketers turn into data geeks
There is a huge explosion of data going on. The data available in 2020 will be 44 times that of the data available in 2009. Marketers will focus on learning how to efficiently utilize this data to their advantage. Analyzing, interpreting and utilizing this data and then converting them into meaningful actions will become a priority for digital marketing agencies.

Agencies become technology-oriented
One of the important digital marketing trends in 2013 will be the increased focus of agencies on technology. The foundation of everything digital is code. Agencies and marketers will begin to learn and understand the back-end processes in order to help increase revenue growth. Marketing requirement will include knowing about API and also the building of interfaces to make simple as well as actionable reports.

Websites become more responsive
User experience and personalization will take a front seat with marketers delivering personalized services through websites. The services may be login-based, cookie-based or self-select preferences.

Increase in content software and services
There is an increased focus on content marketing in B2B and B2C businesses. Content will be leveraged in order to increase demand.

Link between online and offline events
Offline events and online experience will be connected to cater to the customers effectively. Linking the digital and physical worlds will provide holistic access for customers to the company’s services that will help the companies boost their revenue growth. This is an ongoing marketing strategy that marketers are increasingly adopting.

These emerging new digital marketing trends have to be understood and utilized in order to gain benefits from digital marketing and to face off against the competition.





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