Skoda in Plans to Expand Portfolio in India


Skoda, the Czech based car manufacturer is in plans to develop its product portfolio that exists in India with effective from 2017 onwards. This was announced by Sudhir Rao, the Chairman and Managing Director at Skoda AutoIndia. He claimed that they will be ramping up their portfolio in the country in a methodical approach.

As of now, the Volkswagen group firm is selling Superb, Rapid and Octavia models of sedans and SUV Yeti in the country. They have been focusing on rendering superior customer satisfaction apart from taking efforts to reduce the costs involved in product development and in increasing the localization in order to compete with the other Asian rivals.

In this interim, the executive added that the firm will be focusing on launching revamped and new generation versions of the models that exist in the market. They are also in plans to expand their business starting from the next year.

Recently, the firm launched the latest iteration of its Superb sedan that is the flagship model in the country. The vehicle will be launched in the country sometime in the latter half of 2016 to enhance the position of the vendor in the luxury segment adding more value to it.

Regarding the new version of Superb, Skoda’s CEO Winfried Vahland claimed that the vehicle marks the start of a new age for the manufacturer. It was noted that they have renewed and expanded their model range several times in the recent years and that the new Skoda Superb will be demonstrating their ambitions in the mid-class automotive segment.

Skoda will be focusing on customer satisfaction largely for the next three to five years. Back in 2014, the manufacturer made a major enhancement in terms of customer satisfaction. It is claimed by the executive that this will be the top priority for Skoda this year as well.

When it comes to localization in the Indian market, Skoda is focusing to carry out the engineering process inIndiaand get them done by Indians. It is claimed that they are increasing their localization rates every year gradually. Notably, he revealed that the Fabio will not be making its way intoIndiaanytime soon as they are focusing on the value luxury sedans and utility vehicles for the Indian market.






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