Small business owners getting excited with Facebook Shops

  • Facebook’s new feature Facebook Shops to help business owners sell their product online in this platform
  • Creating and using of Facebook Shops are free
  • Coming months Shops will be available widely

Facebook is ready to introduce a new feature called the Facebook shop for businesses to sell products on its platform. With the rising Covid-19 pandemic situation, a lot of small businesses are struggling to sell their products and have their digital presence. Now there comes a solution. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded to the launch of this new Facebook feature that if small business owners can’t physically open their store or restaurant, they could still take orders online and ship them to people. This feature can also help increase the revenue of Facebook ads as in the lockdown period Facebook ad revenue had a decline.

How does Facebook shop work?

Creating a Facebook shop is simple and free for small business owners. Businesses can choose their feature from the catalog, use a cover image and accent colors to customize the look of the shop, and the products for purchase will appear in the shop. You can save your products of interest from the browsed store collection and place an order on Facebook or Instagram apps or business website. Your payment credentials will be stored while you purchase by the shops and it can be later used overall Facebook apps.

Facebook is also working on the ability to work in real-time. And this online storefront will appear on the Facebook page, story, and Instagram profile.  Facebook is also going with the trend of having live streams to shop products by allowing users to tag their items of stores. Creating and using shops are free but you will be charged for using Facebook for checkout.

Also, some businesses require you to go to their website for completing the transaction. The interesting part of this feature is that it allows you to message a business through Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp to ask questions, clear doubts, and track your deliveries. Facebook shops had started to roll out from May 19, in the US and in the coming months’ shops will be available widely.


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