Small creators to feel the pinch as YouTube puts threshold of 10,000 views for ad display


Recently YouTube was embroiled in controversy as ads started appearing alongside videos which carried homophobic and anti-Semitic messages and to put a rest to this the company has announced a new system of placing ads. A lot of companies had recently suspended their digital ads on YouTube because of this controversy. The online video streaming service promoted by Alphabet Inc’s recently announced that it would place ads on channels only they reach 10,000 views. In a move to curtail people who steal content from other sources and make money on the site, YouTube announced that it would review the content of a video channel once it crosses the threshold. The content would be reviewed to see if it qualifies for the ads to be placed.

This move is definitely going to impact the aspiring and small creators who look for living by making new videos out of the existing videos posted on YouTube. But putting all these speculations to rest in a blog post by Ariel Bardin, YouTube’s vice president of product management said that “By keeping the threshold to 10k views, we also ensure that there will be minimal impact on our aspiring creators.” In a step to appease the brands and to make them have a greater control over the videos where they want their ads to be spotted, analysts feel that YouTube must do a tight rope walking by giving advertisers more control at one end and at the other end alienating the creators who drive the site’s popularity.

YouTube announced that it would add a review process for new creators in coming weeks who apply for the YouTube Partner Program. You Tube partner program allows the creators to monetize content on YouTube in many ways like advertisements, merchandise and paid subscriptions.


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