Social media- A convergence point to engage customers


An interactive platform whereby people from around the globe can participate, discuss and interact has become a converging point for many. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc are the most popular listed social engagement platforms on the web. They offer different types of applications and attractive features which has resulted in acceptance of the same by a lot of people and organisations around the world.

One of the key challenges in the social media is how marketers can reach out to the right segment and in right time. The other challenge is in maintaining the users engaged and interested in the social media platform.

For example, LinkedIn has a great set of influential customer segment which is suited for all sorts of brand. LinkedIn had 16 million Indian users.

Quality content is considered to be the key and that is what is given high importance. The word-of-mouth technique is considered to be the most powerful tool so as to build up a loyal community in the social media space. Many brand owners are of the opinion that for an effective social media campaign, brands need to engage with users as against just promoting only products and brands to them.”

Most of the time messages which are being sent in the social space are often impersonal and comments posted are mostly not conversational as all these lack the emotional touch. And also the recommendations do not stay in the minds of the people for a longer period because of the overload. This is where social platforms like Google Circle helps in creating segmented communication and sharing the right content with the right people. Google Plus allows recommendations  from one’s friend to be displayed on the Google Search page itself.”

Evidence is one thing that everybody needs and in this case, more visual evidence is not required where everything is crystal clear that the social media space is a convergence point for all medium worldwide.


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