SoLoMo, Plussification, Likeonomics, Tradigital- Latest Marketing Buzzwords in 2012


Marketing is a field which is very dynamic and constantly we can see new buzzwords being used. Some of these words remain as just words, some become buzzwords and others are categorized as jargons. 2012 is also said to witness some new buzzwords which experts feel that market will be quick to adopt. These buzzwords have come up mainly because of the increased use of technology and integration of it with the traditional media. The new buzzwords according to Marketing Week which will be frequently used in 2012 are;

SoLoMo- SoLoMo captures the essence of Social, Local and Mobile. SoLoMo basically capturing the target group based on their geographic location. Geo targeting is one technique which is used to communicate to the customers based on their location.

Plussification- Here plussification refers to Google + (Google Plus). This represents a phenomenon wherein a person who has Google + account will get personalised search results based on the shares in the same.

Likeonomics- The idea of Likeonomics is that people will buy a brand or get associated with it if they “like” it. This is completely debatable in the context, For e.g. If a company is using Facebook and if there are “likes” on its page does it translate it into business?

Tradigital- Tradigital means blending of traditional concepts and digital mean. To be more specific it means applying traditional marketing and branding concepts in the digital space.

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