Solution Sales Challenges


In sales there has been evolution that has been happening. The function of sales has moved out from its tradition mould when the focus was on just making products and pitching it to customers. From that, the way sales are happening has changed. Now it is more about giving solutions to them. The role of salesmen has changed and the role is now more of a solution provider. This solution selling is now having its own challenges because the customers are now having access to more information because of the advent of technology. The information is available to customers about a particular brand, a product or service at their finger tips. The customers are now doing a lot of these need based search and using advance analytics to arrive at a purchase decision which is making the role of sales people more challenging. Follow the link to listen to a podcast which is an interview with co author of the article “The end of Solutions Sales”, Mr. Matt Dixon. He is also a Director at Corporate Executive Board. He discusses about the challenges in solution sales and suggests ways like Inside Sales to overcome it.

The New Sales Playbook Podcast


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