South captures the advertising arena “The Romba Nalla way”


The recent trend shows the South Indian faces replacing the Punjabi Mundas in ads and the Indian commercial industry is accepting the change with open arms.  The Mahindra Duro commercial, starring the Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor and south Indian actor Karan was the first which began and it began in a “Romba Nalla” note.  This was followed by Gulf-oil ad of Dhoni and Idea advertisement which showed a South Indian playing Holi.

The television commercials give a clear indication that the Punjabi stereotypes that dominated in Indian commercial industry have been replaced by South Indian faces.  The new stereotypes become familiar and predictable over a period of time. Advertising industry aims at producing better and fresh commercials to its audience and they are making their latest stint with South Indian characters.  Brand consultants are now trying to tap in the South Indian market the big way and new stereotypes in ads well prove that.

The advertisement industry is looking forward to presenting diverse and culturally high-sounding ad commercials, since they feel this could help national brands in a better way.  The South has been under-represented in ads and this new trend could come as a big opportunity for South. The transformation from north to south may seem tough.  North today is being exposed to South through viral hits like “why this Kolaveri di?” and Kollywood hits like the movie Endhiran.  To everyone’s surprise about 50% of bollywood’s movie content today comes from the South.

Advertisers are into the work of exploring the opportunities and caricaturing South Indians based on their behavior, language and spending pattern.  It is interesting that characters casted in the ad makes the ad commercial engaging and successful. South Indian characters are famous for their typical accents just like attires of Sardarjis. When advertising industry is testing their luck with South Indian faces, people in the South can rejoice about their recognition and soaring popularity.



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