Starbucks…. the most loved brand in Social media.!!!


What more Starbucks can achieve is what I am thinking now.!!! They are already the top most preferred food brand among the consumers across the world, they always the tops the list in all rankings and now they are chosen as the “most loved” brand in social media.

Now you might have got the essence of my thought!!!  What Starbucks have done is something appreciable in a context where presence in social media is much valued.  Starbucks earned the title after beating 3400 food restaurant brands in social media.

One of the main success of Starbucks is it ability to appeal its taste to most super influencers who fall in the age group of 18-49.

Digital CoCo, a research firm analyzed the social sentiments of the major food brands and announced Starbucks as the “most loved” brand among consumers. According to the analysts, it not only the richness of the coffee that made it popular among social media consumers but the loyalty of consumers towards their peer group.

Another factor is the individual attention they give to the mass audience. “Starbucks is the only brand that offers customized coffee according to my exact taste” tweeted a Starbucks fans….and this capability to offer individual attention is what makes them the all time most loved brand.

Starbucks makes the most of the social media platform to extend their experience for their customers beyond the four-walls of the restaurant premise. They offer web specials for their online lovers.

YouTube effect also add to the reasons for the Starbuks to top the list…the yummy cold coffee advertisement creates a desire among the consumers to have one sip and one lick of the coffee.

Starbucks also have grabbed in celebrities to tweet and like them which created huge fan followers for them.

Well, is that yummy cold coffee which leaves a moustache for you to lick, your loved brand???


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