Storyboard18’s ‘Share The Spotlight’ kicks off a chain of generosity and celebration of women who empower each other

Storyboard18's ‘Share The Spotlight’ kicks off a chain of generosity and celebration of women who empower each other

5th April 2023, New Delhi – Storyboard18, Network18’s flagship advertising and marketing platform has launched its latest initiative, ‘Share The Spotlight’. This one-of-a-kind initiative aims at sharing compelling stories of women who continue to break barriers and set new precedents for other women marketers, entrepreneurs and communication specialists. 

The goal of ‘Share The Spotlight’ initiative is to kick off a movement where women and men from various sectors step up and share their light with other women, putting a spotlight on their perhaps lesser-known stories. 

The initiative calls on women and men to come out and share words of praise and encouragement for inspirational women, appreciating and acknowledging the contributions of so many people who make businesses, brands and workplaces better. The special project aims to unearth learnings in how to face challenges and seize opportunities while bringing along others on the path to progress.

Speaking on the initiative, Delshad Irani, Editor – Storyboard18 said, “We at Storyboard18 are extremely excited to present ‘Share the Spotlight’. This is our honest effort to put a spotlight on lesser known stories of individuals who have made an impact and affected change in their workplaces, company cultures, industries, etc. It is exciting to see our community come together with the sole purpose of empowering one another through encouragement and appreciation. We look forward to bringing out many such stories and driving meaningful conversations.”

‘Share The Spotlight’ is just the beginning of a long journey to spotlight individuals who are empowering others and bringing change and growth for all. Together we rise.

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