Taj Mahal Tea re launches ad based on the popular Wah Ustad theme


The tea brand Taj Mahal from Brooke Bond from the FMCG Company Hindustan Unilever has come up with a new ad film. Well, this new Taj Mahal Tea ad is based on the popular Wah Ustad theme. The ad film was conceptualized by the advertising company Ogilvy & Mather.

The ad film has been filmed at a pleasing and scenic lake that features Rahul Sharma, the santoor player a houseboat and brewing a pot of tea. Then, the film shows a young boy passing through the lake on another boat asking Sharma how to play the instrument pointing to the santoor.

Then, Sharma sips a little of the steaming tea from his glass and he starts playing it. The music is pleasing and soothing that it draws the attention of several houseboats to his houseboat. Some people even chime in with their instruments as they enjoy the tune played by the musician.

The original ad of the Taj Mahal Tea featured percussionist Zakir Hussain. At the end of the ad, the audience appreciated the artiste saying ‘Wah Ustaad’. Likewise, even in the new ad featuring the santoor player, the boy says ‘Wah Ustaad’ and he replies telling ‘Wah Taj’, thereby giving its credits to Taj Mahal Tea.

This tea ad creates a very elegant and beautiful union that joins the rich cultural content as well as the cutting edge production technique. It has the potential to make the viewers spellbound with the picturesque beauty of the location and music that Rahul Sharma plays. The soulful music and the magnificent visuals are sure to take the viewers to the heaven as they can enjoy every bit of it.

Produced by Hello Robot, this new ad film for the Taj Mahal Tea can accentuate the concept of music and tea and also connect everyone on this common platform.





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