Tanishq launches FQ Diamonds and Iva: Targeting teenagers and working women


Jan 22, 2013: Tanishq the diamond major promoted by the Tata Group recently launched its new models of designer diamond jewellery targeting the teenagers and working women. The company launched FQ Diamonds and Iva for this category. The gold and diamond jeweller market in India which is estimated to be around USD 30 billion has witnessed a lot of companies like Gitanjali, Damas and TBZ vying hard for the share of pie.

The Diamond companies understanding the fact that to garner volumes they need to have designs below the Rs.1000 mark has started offering more models in the range. Gitanjali has introduced FQ diamonds between the price range of Rs.499 to Rs. 2,999 and Iva collection starts at Rs. 20,000. The Tata Group has also started test marketing its various brands to attract school and college goers as well.


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