Tanishq to launch new collection for teenagers


Dec 21, 2012: Tanishq is planning for some experiments in future and as part of that is going to launch new collection for teenagers. The idea which is in the pilot stage with Tata Group judging the response for its products is going to be formally launched next year. As part of the pilot project Tanishq has opened kiosks in Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Tanishq is looking to bring out new collection targeting teenagers since they consider that this segment buy fashionable junk jewellery. This experiment carried out in these kiosks has generated a moderate response so far for the products which are priced between Rs. 499 and Rs. 4,999. Tanishq recently launched IVA collection in 18 karat gold and as part of brand promotion has also tied up with Tips Industries for their movie ‘RACE 2’ in which the female cast will be wearing these jewelleries.


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